365 Sun Block

I was not a sun worshipper growing up. Although I can think of one summer where I spent more than a few days at the neighborhood pool, I didn’t spend a lot of money on sunscreen simply because I didn’t need it. I rarely laid out in the sun for one simple reason.

I burnt every time.

And after the skin peeled, I was still an ivory white shade. I just do not tan.

I’m blue-eyed, freckled-face, blonde (naturally as a child, courtesy of the hair salon as an adult) and my skin is simply called “fair and sensitive”.

And now, as a fifty year old woman, I could be a successful marketing representative for sun block, hats, sunglasses and sun protection of any kind. I cringe when I hear of anyone going to a tanning salon. (Get a fake bake instead!)

I wear sun block daily, all year long. I use the kind of sun block that is not only a chemical block but a physical block as well. Zinc Oxide is my friend and Skinceuticals makes a great sun block that meets this requirement.

I’ve had spots frozen, cut, sliced and peeled off of my face. I’ve had MOHS surgery and a successful reconstruction on my nose from a rather sizeable basal cell carcinoma. I can’t imagine how much worse this could be if I had been a sun worshipper in my youth. I would guess I’d have to multiply my skin cancer woes by 5 times if I had damaged my skin repeatedly back then.

Today, I had my regular checkup with the derm doc. A few places were treated with nitrate. A blonde mole was removed that has been bothersome to me. And a spot that has concerned me in the last month or two was biopsied. Ouch. I have a few bandaids on my face and I do not look fabulous!

I’ll hear next week the results of that biopsy. Hopefully, it will be pre-cancer in need of nitrate treatement. If not, another MOHS surgery awaits me with plastic surgery repair. This is my way of life for my skin.

Do you wear sun block? If not, why not?


We have a responsibility to remember our nation as it was five years ago.

We can not forget our nation was attacked on our own soil, with our own planes, targeting civilians.

We can not forget our purposes, our virtue, our goal.

We can not allow nay-sayers who use words like “quagmire” to shape the people we are or to erase our memory or our resolve.

We can not forget our nation’s heros called Firemen, Policemen, Air Force, Marines, Army, Navy, commercial pilots.

We must choose to stand for freedom or we will sit down in shame.

Its our responsibility.