The Cardboard Christmas

Another Christmas (this must have been pre-Bubba) my sister and I woke up Christmas morning to huge cardboard “toys” in the living room. Mine was a grocery store complete with an aisle and a cash register. It had groceries on the shelves. I think I had a shopping cart. It was almost full size. At least to us. I was a little girl and the grocery store was amazing!My sister got another creation: a vanity complete with a stool and a mirror. Sorta a mirror. It was perfect for hair brushing, nails and makeup.They were both made from an engineered marvel of cardboard. I’m sure Santa spent the night following some sort of instructions: Insert flap D into slot G.I tried googling “cardboard grocery store” and other assorted keywords but didn’t find anything. I was hoping someone had an old photo captured. I think I have one somewhere….I just need to get my scanner working and the photos out of the box.The year must have been 1960 or 1961. My sister is the keeper of my memory details. Hopefully she will remember the year.Oh yes, the early clue. That I had dreams of being an entrepreneur even at the age of 5. I sold a bunch of groceries with that cardboard. I earned a bunch of “money”.Edited to add: photo found!