Exciting Video Project – I am a HysterSister

During the summer I worked with a local videographer on a new video project. A┬álocal agency helped with the script and some of the details while I gathered friends and family around me and I invited over 500 local members of HysterSisters to participate. 125 replied initially. 50 replied with a sample video of themselves. We selected 16 (2 couldn’t make it that morning) but the 14 we ended up with – were absolutely amazing and awesome.

We had two teams of videographers working the different groups of women. We had refreshments. Makeup and hair. We had HysterSisters t-shirts. We even had a photographer taking pictures throughout the day.

And in the end – we have some wonderful videos to share the wonderful support of HysterSisters for any woman going through a hysterectomy.

Here is one of those videos. Aren’t the women awesome?

Wired for Smiles


I’ve revamped this website to document my adventures with wires. I didn’t need braces growing up but my adult smile has a crooked tooth and a bite that no longer likes to eat. All that to say, I’m enduring a lingual arch and a bar on my left upper teeth with a band – elastics pulling my teeth backwards on one side.

I haven’t adjusted to this stuff in my mouth. I’m on day 6.

Will I adjust? Who knows? I just imagine going for my checkup in 2 weeks and requesting they remove the stuff from my mouth. Maybe I can live without chewing on my left side?

Or not.

Pray I adjust. Please.