Welcome to our World

I hope I never take for granted the birth of Jesus.

The knowledge that God put on a flesh suit as the man of Jesus is incredible. That in that manger, Mary delivered a perfect baby who would deliver the world of their sin. That Mary held God in her arms, nursed him. That he was born with tiny hands who would be pierced upon a cross. That he was born with a head prepared for a crown of thorns. That he was born with blood that would be the perfect lamb sacrifice for our sins once and for all.

That he was born to die purposefully. Not as an oops or a mistake or a plan B.

Our loving God prepared the perfect sacrifice in the man of Jesus.

Blows me away even now. And I hope I never grow tired of the amazing knowledge of His love.

Glory to God in the Highest. For unto us is born a Savior who is Christ the King.

The Nativity

We saw The Nativity movie this weekend. Another great way to spend an evening and help focus on the reason for the season.

I love Christmas with all the decorations and flavors, smells and goodies, packages and bows. I do not like the shopping and the crowds with accompanying traffic. And with all the things I love and hate about this time of year, its easy to be distracted.

Distracted by the packages and twinkling lights. Distracted by the frustation of the malls.

The movie of the story of Mary and Joseph and their journey to Bethleham was very good.

I appreciated the fear and faith of Mary who obeyed and submitted to the will of God. The shunning she endured as no one believed her account.

I appreciated the anguish Joseph faced and the faith he needed to obey the angel and take Mary as his wife anyway.

I appreciated the length of the journey of 90 miles without a car in terrain that was rugged and not easy.

I missed the brilliance of the light and the glory of a multitude of heavenly host praising God and singing Glory to God in the Highest. I missed the accurate timing of the magi’s arrival and the accuracy of why they did not return to tell Herod of Christ’s birth.

But the best part, was the birth of Jesus. The King of Kings laying in a animal food trough. And being held in Mary’s arms…God himself. Emmanuel. God with us. The long-awaited Savior, redeemer of our souls, perfect sacrifice for our sin.