Over the years I’ve maintained a blog and I’ve changed its focus every so often. In the past 6 years I’ve become a genealogist – tracking through documents and puzzling through records to fill out my family tree. ¬†When my mother died, she knew little about her mother’s family. She knew a few names, but nothing more. With so many documents now available online, I’ve kept a vigil watch, increasing what we know about her tree – my tree.

My father’s tree has been relatively easy to follow. My father’s mother kept records for us and his father wrote a family history with names, dates and a lot of clues.

But with my mother’s tree, it has been a challenge – specifically her mother’s mother’s line. And bit by bit, I’m breaking down the brick walls and I hope to document the stories I learn along the way.

I lead a great life. I spent many years as a public school teacher. I raised two awesome people that lead productive and happy lives who I am blessed to enjoy as their mom and friend. Me: I’m a wife of 40+ years. I’m a mom of two successful adults. I’m a MIL to a wonderful daughter-in-love, wife of my son – and son-in-love to my favorite daughter. I’m “Nana” to 4 precious, better than chocolate grandsugars.

I’m owned by two wienerdogs. I am an artist. A musician. A friend. A sister. A daughter. A retired teacher. A website owner. A daughter of the King of Kings. WHO I am influences my world view as a believer and follower of Jesus. My notions are not usually popular with our culture. My goal is to demonstrate Christ in my daily life, consider God’s ultimate purposes, and remember that in the end, every knee will bow, every tongue confess that Jesus is the LORD of all.

If you have a family connection or a clue for me in my journey through my family tree, please leave a comment. :)