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It’s official. I’m on the hunt for a mother of the bride dress. But I’ve hit a few snags.Yes, I’m 53 now. But I’m a young 53. I like to dress partly fashionable. Unfrumpy-like. Stylish but not matronly. Ok?I knew I was in trouble when I browsed through the rack at a local bridal shop in their MOB selection.I knew further that trouble was brewing when I googled “Mother of the Bride Dresses” and found that they are often strapless, gaudy and backless or chiffon layers, spaghetti straps with a jacket. Add to that no one has any on a rack to take home. Each seem to be a special order item worthy of a 12 week delay. What’s that about?Is it too much to ask for a lovely a-line dress in a nice fabric with built in 3/4 sleeves?I can not imagine myself wearing what I’ve found except for one that may still be on the “too dressy” side of fashion. But it is a night-time wedding. And it is a dinner and dance reception. So I may decide to order it and wait 12 weeks and pray it looks like the picture on the internet. Or pray it doesn’t look like the picture and is less flashy.Or not.Where did you find your MOB dress?

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  1. I have been quite a bit of time on internet looking for that one particular gown. I read that MOB can’t wear black and must wear a hat. Not true. My daughter said that I can wear a black dress and don’t have to wear a hat.
    I am going to a bridal shop, at least four of them to find my dress. If you get one at Lord and Taylor there is a good chance another person will have it. Try those on the specialties shop and then see if you can get it online.
    Good luck and tell me how you make out. I have to find one for this coming Septemer….

  2. I am in the exact same boat, only I’m the mother of the groom, as if that makes any real difference. I’m also 53, and none of those gaudy sleeveless monstrosities looks like something I’d wear in a million years. What’s up with all this sleeveless stuff, anyway? Many women our age, no matter how many triceps extentions they’ve done in their lives, are really fond of showing their upper arms. I did find a dress I liked that supposedly was at Nordstroms, but when I clicked on the link, it was no longer available.
    I think I’m going to make my dress.

  3. I was thinking today about sewing a dress but the one that I want will have some bead work done. I am making my daughter a quilt for her and her husband. I will keep looking for a dress. My daugher wants to check it out first before I buy it. As for the sleveless dresses, I agree. You can work out as much as you can but those arms will be the last place that it will show. Most of the dresses that I saw for our age were one color dresses without much detail. David’s Bridal didn’t have much in stock. Let me know if you find a place.

  4. I found my gown online. It is a Jovani. Now, I have to try it on in the store and have them ordered it. It did
    take a lot of time looking at many pictures. This Saturday, I am going to check it out. Hope that you are finding yours.

  5. By the way, you can find someone who will order it in less time. Have them measure you and get the agreement that it will fit you well. My wedding is in September so I should have enough time.

  6. Awesome! I’m glad you found it! I’m still looking and hoping that as the season changes, I will find one in teal – which I would love to wear.

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