These are a few of my favorite things….

On the night of our Open House, we stopped for photos. Here we are along with son’s fiance (within a few weeks of being my daughter in law!) and daughters my sister and me….sisters.jpg

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  1. Adryana

    Hello Kathy! I searched you in facebook but I must admit I found hundreds lots of Kathy Kelleys’s so I could not find you. I guess it will be better for you to find me Adryana Boyne.
    But as I search your name in the internet I found your websites. (you never gave me your card either soI left with only your names) We love our group and Daryl and I enjoyed so much everybody and love our conversations. I love your websites You are a professional writer. You do aan awesome job. Well I look forward to her from you.

    Love in Jesus,

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