Sneaky Stuff

In the midst of the busy-ness of the season, Dora remains on patrol. She never gives up her role as head of homeland security.

When any of her family is in the driveway, Dora must watch from the fence, making sure we are safe. Its double duty if its includes my daughter who was visiting on Saturday and taking photos for a special gift for a special man. Dora peeked and daughter snapped this photo.

I think I’m okay in writing this blog about the photo session on the driveway. No longer a secret, the gift should be in the hands of the owner by now.

If not, oops! I’m sorry. [grin]


  1. re FIOS, I found a random message board with subscribers, and receiving email confirmation of a comment seems to be a Verizon negative issue. I set mine on ‘moderator’ so I’d know if someone comments on an old post.

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