Random Questions from a busy weekend

Where do lost nuts and bolts go?

Why do thermostats go quirky in the middle of the night?

Why do city planners decide to tear up streets in front of the mall during December?

Why don’t washing machines come with an easier system for attaching water hoses during a move?

Where do lost ceiling hooks go?

How often will our grown children move?

Why do the tastiest snacks have the highest fat gram count?

When will I get too old for Disneyworld?

Why do dogs sleep so much?

What happened to the Cowboys and who were those clowns wearing their uniforms?

Why exactly did the Cowboys pay so much for T.O.?

Why does ice cream taste better in the winter?

One Comment

  1. The nuts and bolts must somehow get hooked up with those socks that mysteriously lose their “mate.”

    Dogs sleep alot because they are wise.

    Kids move because they can – because they are young and they haven’t ammassed all the important “junk” that we oldsters have.

    The Cowboys? Who??? I gave up on them years ago.

    Too old for Disneyworld? NEVER!

    Ice Cream tastes great anytime of year.

    I don’t know who the braintrust was who came up with appliance installation “rules”, but it certainly wasn’t a woman who actually used the appliances!

    (ooops…were those rhetorical questions? =-)))

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