Once a year its lovely. But enough already. Time to put it away.

I woke up this morning to 21 degrees and the snow is still on the ground.

The dogs ran outside for the morning ritual only to run back inside and under a blanket. They are still there.

To make matters worse (to me!) the local news is all about the weather. An “Arctic Blast” logo shows on the corner of the TV screen with scrolling notes below it, with school, church, business closings. Yesterday the “news” pre-empted national tv shows.

How many times do I need to see the sand trucks loaded up? How many times to I need to see the jack-knived semi-truck stranged on I-35?

Its no longer snowing. The sun is out. The sky is gorgeous blue. But the snow and ice remain…for the moment. With the sun out I suspect that by noon we will be back to normal. Hopefully the TV stations will find something else more news worthy soon.

In the meantime, I snuck outside with my camera to take a photo of a bit of my garden. The flowers were surprised in the middle of the last blooming cycle.


  1. your flowers look very pretty all covered in snow!
    i agree with you, the news folks blew this whole weather thing WAY out of poportion! the “canadian crusher”?! i mean really! they act like this doesn’t happen at least once EVERY year! oh, how i did enjoy the snow, though. :)

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