That time of year

Its November 28th in Texas. There are still some leaves hanging on the trees although they are looking pretty desparate after a lovely color change this autumn. The sky was sunny today. The temps warm. In fact on some days I come close to thinking about turning on the A/C. Welcome to Texas.

But I know that the season is about to change. The one sure sign arrived today.

The doorbell rang. My favorite irrigation guy stood on my front porch. “Its time!” he announced. He had stopped by to shut off our system. I will put away all the sandals and sleeveless shirts. Winter is on its way.

The evening TV news is abuzz with the information that the county trucks are ready to sand the overpasses. The freeze warnings for pets and plants have started. The water bill is about to drop dramatically since the winter rain will take over watering our lawn.

Best of all: The Christmas tree is up! The stockings are hung by the fireplace with care. The coffee table has a seasonal candle. And my favorite nativity that looks all quilty made by Jim Shore is set out on my couch table complete with the flying angel proclaiming His coming!

I’m all ready. And my sprinklers are turned off.


  1. I’m listening to Christmas music to help me get into the “mood.” Haven’t done any decorations yet. Maybe the cold front will help set the tone.

  2. I give up! I’ve tried posting comments multiple times and since I’ve switched to the new Beta blog, my new ID is messing things up. Grrrr!

    I love the cold. I love sitting in a comfy chair reading a good book with a steamy cuppa joe. Hmmm….sounds like a plan…

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