A follow-up appointment with oncologist today included results back from MD Anderson and the best of news. My sister’s breast cancer was misdiagnosed. She does not have breast cancer. No further treatment is needed. We are all doing the happy dance of relief. This was a scary 6 days.

Reminder: If you haven’t had a mammogram this year, schedule it now!


  1. Yay! Congratulations, Kathy’s-Sister! I went through that waiting time several years ago. Scary, contemplative, prayerful. Getting squished isn’t fun, but a necessary procedure. Like going to the dentist.

  2. Oh yeah the waiting is hard. This was hard because she had the biopsy, was diagnosed from local pathologist with cancer. Then MD ANderson “second opinion” for cancer typing proclaimed the truth. Yay for MD Anderson. Pooh on local pathologist!

  3. How scary! Thank goodness for an accurate diagnosis from MD Anderson! It’s bad enough sitting there waiting on more compression shots because they didn’t like the first one and then doing a sonogram because they didn’t like the compression shots. At least that happened in a matter of hours and not days of waiting. But better safe than sorry.

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