Countdown – A week

Its been years since I counted down the days to my birthday but this year, I’m counting down. No longer will I be forty-something. I will join the ranks of the generation of folks who are 50 and proud of it.

We are having a party at my house on Saturday evening. (You are invited but must RSVP by Wednesday. ha!) Barbeque from Rudy’s. Cornbread Salad, Potato Salad, Fruit. A cake from Candy Haven. A house packed full of friends and family and I will usher in this new decade of my life in style.

I’m spending this week decluttering and plotting the serving dilemma (off the kitchen counter or use up one of the tables?) and counting the napkins and plates.

I think I’m ready but still have a few more piles to move in the effort to make sure the counters have room for the food.

I’m soooo excited! 50!


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope that I look forward to the big 5-0 when I get there. I’ve mourned turning 40 for 4 years now. I hope 50 isn’t as traumatic. I haven’t especially liked my 40’s AT ALL.

    On another note – my mother – who teaches real estate in SOUTH CAROLINA told me about Candy Haven (in Denton, right?). One of her students had told her about it and raved about how good it was. I had never heard of it before and had forgotten about it until you mentioned it. I’m assuming since you are getting a cake from there that it must be good. (Right??) I need to try it (well, I don’t NEED more sugar and carbs in my life, but I’d LIKE to try it! =-)

  2. Happy birthday next week! I turned 50 last fall. Never had the angst over those “decade” birthdays, so it was pretty painless. I think you and I have talked before about getting married and having our families young. This is a very good time of life. Hope you have great fun at your party!

  3. Thanks gals! Scheweers mom, Candy Haven is the place for cakes in Denton. I’m looking forward to it too. Joye, yes, we have talked about the benefits of marrying young and having an empty nest very very early. Fun!

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