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Fabulous Fifty

A couple of wienerdogs, a great family, a pile of friends, a hysterectomy, some hormones and a wonderful Savior make my life fabulous at fifty.

25th December 2010

God is with me

Emmanuel. God with us. God among us. God with me.Today we celebrate the birth of Christ, the Lord, the King, the promised one. God wrapped flesh. Sent as Savior to redeem us for a relationship with Him. Amazing love from a Sovereign God! I bow at the manger in gratitude - Fear not! I bring your tidings of great joy which will be for all people.Thankful. So thankful. God with me.Last week we walked through the horrible news that Mr FabulousFifty’s parents were killed in a car accident less than a half mile from their home of 45 years. Papa was 91. Omi was 84. They had endured a life of good stuff and hard. Health and sickness. Poverty and wealth. They left this earth together which was wonderful thing for them.A severe mercy for us.omi and papaWe now face the hardwork of grief and the paperwork process of an estate of many years.And yet - even in this - God is good.God is with us. God. Is. With. Me.

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2nd November 2010

Glorious Joy and Overwhelming Blessings

This past weekend was the culmination of many months of planning. Words can not express our joy. (And as you can see - I found my MOB dress. :)

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25th June 2010

Give me a second!

This is an awesome video - worth the minute and a half to watch - found on the website of GiveMeASecond.com. Go ahead! Watch it. Its a great message to women - encouraging and fun - Mama said!What did your Mama say?And please - share the video with the women in your life!

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19th February 2010

Mother of the Bride Dresses

It’s official. I’m on the hunt for a mother of the bride dress. But I’ve hit a few snags.Yes, I’m 53 now. But I’m a young 53. I like to dress partly fashionable. Unfrumpy-like. Stylish but not matronly. Ok?I knew I was in trouble when I browsed through the rack at a local bridal shop in their MOB selection.I knew further that trouble was brewing when I googled “Mother of the Bride Dresses” and found that they are often strapless, gaudy and backless or chiffon layers, spaghetti straps with a jacket. Add to that no one has any on a rack to take home. Each seem to be a special order item worthy of a 12 week delay. What’s that about?Is it too much to ask for a lovely a-line dress in a nice fabric with built in 3/4 sleeves?I can not imagine myself wearing what I’ve found except for one that may still be on the “too dressy” side of fashion. But it is a night-time wedding. And it is a dinner and dance reception. So I may decide to order it and wait 12 weeks and pray it looks like the picture on the internet. Or pray it doesn’t look like the picture and is less flashy.Or not.Where did you find your MOB dress?

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23rd November 2009

Good-bye to Martha’s Stuff

Dear Martha Stewart,

I have no clue why you would think I care what you think about Rachel or Sarah. But now that I know, its obvious that your taste in fine things has eroded. In its place is envy. It does not suit you.

No longer will I go out of my way to check out your newest stuff at Macy’s or K-Mart or wherever you are selling your line.

Its no longer a good thing.

Signed a former and now disappointed fan,

Fabulous Fifty

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